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Sarathy Korwar – Day To Day *out on 8th July*

May 9, 2016

I’ve been excited about Sarathy Korwar’s debut album since last November when I went to the Steve Reid Innovation Award showcase. The showcase was amazing, featuring some of the UK’s best up and coming artists including Moses Boyd and Hector Plimmer.

Sarathy Korwar’s new album features modern legend Shabaka Hutchings on saxophone and the gorgeous Italian acoustic guitarist Giuliano Modarelli among others. Tracks on the album will include Indefinite Leave To Remain, Bismillah, Karam and Mawra (Transcendence), all of which I heard for the first time today. Some of the album is very reminiscent of that jazz with a focus and fascination with the spiritual (I’m thinking Sun Ra, Coltrane and these days, Hutchings). There’s also a hint of Steve Reich’s sequences in Indefinite Leave To Remain in particular. The whole album is a massive fusion of Indian sounds, jazz and electronic. It’s original, boundary pushing and very skilled. Ah, and it sounds great.

I can’t wait for it to drop. Bring on 8th July! PREORDER IT NOW!



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