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Going Global

May 24, 2016

On Saturday night I had a wonderful mammoth out.

I started off at the wonderful Cafe Oto with Rachel (off of my London Grammar post) and my Mum. We went to see OGOYA NENGO & THE DODO WOMEN’S GROUP. Ogoya’s talent was recognised from an early age. Born Anastasia Oluoch, she received the name ‘Ogoya Nengo’ which means ‘The Prized One’ at the age of 13. Her musical style is difficult to describe. Her music is a genre of folk that is specific from the region in Kenya where she is from. The set started off with her and another woman singing together acapella. Next on came a young man who played these gorgeous drums which were all beautifully tuned so that they were very melodic and rhythmic at the same time. The older male member of the group then had his slot, which was – no joke – two minutes of hysterical laughter. This was not just a musical show, it was theatrical too, and kept our ears trembling and imaginations whirring for the whole hour and a quarter that they were onstage. Their album On Mande is out NOW

Next Rachel and I left Mum to head down to Brixton to the Prince of Wales for Global Rhythms. I’d never been there at the POW late. It reminded me a bit of our uni festival Pangaea, only smaller and there was no fancy dress (though everyone was dressed as if they were fresh out of the 70s).

I had a tiny room and played a real range of stuff. Here are a few samples, just in case you were there and liked it:


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