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Mammal Hands & Pete Josef

June 1, 2016

Last night I went with my Dad and friend Cicely to see Mammal Hands, supported by Pete Josef at the newly refurbished Jazz Cafe in Camden.

As soon as we walked in, we were impressed at how the venue had been done up. They’ve made it a lot more open plan and slightly industrial looking – just how it always should have been.

Pete Josef was already playing. He and his band had a mixture of jazz, soul and something beautifully funky. Here’s a teaser of some new work he’s working on, and below is his current single. His lyrics were very simple and left a lot to the imagination, but his harmonies were thick and you could see and feel the depth of feeling that the band had for the music.

Next up were Mammal Hands. They were very different. My dad was mesmerised – he loved the repetitiveness of the music. I really enjoyed it, but would have loved to hear a bit more from the piano. What was most striking was the cohesion of the band – they were so completely locked with each other in a way which was impressive. Here’s a track from their new album, Floa, which is out NOW!


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